The Natural Book by Richard La Ruina (Review & Link for Free Bonuses)

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Richard La Ruina (AKA “Gambler” from The Game) has just released his new book The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want

The Natural Richard La Ruina Book ReviewYou can check it out at Amazon here…

The book teaches you how to be a “natural” around women… that means no pickup lines, scripts or routines… just act like a guy who is naturally good with women… in the pick-up community we call it “natural game”…

At the time of this writing, the hardcover is $14.99 and the Kindle version is $11.99

Once you order it, you can go here and enter your Amazon receipt ID to access a bunch of free videos…

Richard claims it’s a $497 value, I don’t know about that, but I did check it out and there’s 5 lengthy videos of solid seminar footage… probably about 5 hours worth… a pretty nice bonus for just buying a book for less than $15

Obviously, Richard is trying to get this book ranked as high as possible and he’s giving away the free bonus videos to help out…

It seems like it’s working, at the time of this writing his book is ranked #11 on Amazon’s top selling books which is right after Tucker Max’s new book… that’s pretty damn good considering Tucker is already a NY Times bestseller and is running a similar promo trying to get people to buy multiple copies of his book…

So order the book here and then use the order ID here to get your bonuses

This book might be kind of “tame” and mainstream for my typical “seduction community” blog reader… if you want something a little more “shocking” and extreme as far as Richard goes, check out this more edgy video of his instead (NSFW)

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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