The Pick Up Artist Season 2 Premiere is DELAYED by VH1

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It looks like the second season of The Pickup Artist on VH1 will NOT be premiering October 12th after all.

VH1 has OFFICIALLY released their fall schedule and Mystery and company are no place to be seen.

My lead on the premiere was accurate at the time. VH1 must have changed their minds.

Two shows ARE premiering on Sunday October 12th but they are Rock Of Love: Charm School at 9pm and Scream Queens at 10pm (the original time slot that I said was for The Pick Up Artist).

This basically means the soonest it would be premiering would be in the Winter which would be anywhere from late January to mid March.

I find this bizarre…

They confirmed The Pick Up Artist Season 2 back in February…

They started The Pick Up Artist casting in March including a fairly intricate social media site created to drum up early interest in the show by having online voting to select one contestant…

Now it looks like it may not air until a year after casting and a year and a half after the premiere of the first season.

I’m concerned with continuity and momentum of the show. I’m not a fan of burning reality shows out by airing two series of it a year but having more than a year between each series is just as bad.

Unless there are legal issues that I do not know about this just does not sound good to me.

Nonetheless, keep it tuned to this blog and my other The Pick Up Artist 2 blog and I’ll do what I can to keep everyone informed.

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