The Playette Type Explained

Vin DiCarlo has a new PUA program called the Pandora’s Box program

In it, he groups women into 8 different “types”…

Once you know her type, Vin will teach you how to “game” her…

One of the types is “The Playette“…

Yesterday, I asked “what the hell is a ‘playette’?”…

Well, Vin just so happened to answer it in today’s newsletter…

Here’s Vin’s explanation of The Playette Type


In today’s email, I’m gonna share a letter I got
from a man who watched the live Event… and…
You’re gonna get a full, 2-page sneak-peek into
the "Ultimate Strategy Guide For All 8 Types Of

(which is a bonus you’ll get free, if you join me
in the Pandora’s Box program :-)


"Vin, loved the event man! Thanks for giving out
so much content, it completely changed my life.
In fact, I just met this girl and figured out she
was a Playette from the quiz and the video,
that’s it.

But now I’m at a loss for what to do. She’s smart,
she’s cute, she’s funny and I really want to make
her more than a friend but I don’t know what
steps to take next. She’s such a tease and
a mystery, can you help me out?

OH! I just signed up for Pandora’s Box, btw.
Great site on the inside, I just want to get some
answers like asap lol.

- Craig Marx"

>>> Hey Craig,

Glad to have you on board :-)

I took a section from your Strategy Guide, and
pasted it below. This part tells you all about
The Playette and what makes her tick. And then,
you’ll see how to stay out of the "No Sex Zone"
with her.

(Botch this, and it’s "Friends Only Land" forever)

Check it out…

" The Playette (Tester - Denier - Idealist)


The Playette is a combination of Tester, Denier, and Idealist. She
is like an iceberg…
There is so much beneath the surface, and it’s worth
exploring! The Playette is not always easy to recognize. That’s kind of the
point with this girl. She doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeve, and she
tends to be secretive about her personal life. Typically she is modestly
dressed, and looks around a lot, but is on the quiet side. She isn’t shy, but
is definitely more of an observer than the Social Butterfly (TJI).

The Playette protects herself for good reason. Once you get past her walls,
she is sweet, soft, sexy, and exciting. She has wonderful gifts to offer, but it
is these very same gifts that make her vulnerable.

Before she lets her guard down, you must walk a fine line to show her that
you will not smother or pressure her, while at the same time, conveying
the potential for romance and intimacy.

We start with the Playette, because she is one of the most difficult, and
most common, types men encounter within the target age range of earlyto-
mid 20’s. The challenge with this type of woman is quickly separating
yourself from her many other orbiting male friends, who are in the No
Sex Zone.

Note: We don’t use the common term, "friend zone," because as you will see,
truly being friends with a woman is actually a catalyst for sex. The Friend
Zone really means the No Sex Zone, or the "I don’t want to have anything to
do with you" Zone!

This means you must get sexual fast, without putting pressure on her…
but at the same time you must create the perception of potential romance.
This is something bad boys do naturally, but it can be learned, and
perfected, once you understand the complexities of the Playette.

Her Desires

The Playette’s Mr. Right is fantastical, which is why she has a hard time
picking one guy to stay with, or even sleep with. But remember, what a
woman fantasizes about, and what she responds to in real time, flesh and
blood, are two very different things.

This woman responds to a man who does not need her more than she
needs him. All the men in her life are chasing her - they are one of her
options. You have the most leverage with her if she perceives herself to be
one of your options. So she must want you more than you want her, and
you must convey that you are dating other women. But how do you make
her interested in the first place, when she has so many other

The answer lies in her ideal relationship…"

… And if you flip to the next page, you’ll get a step-by-step
Strategy Guide for picking her up. In fact, all 8 types of
woman have their own Strategy Guide section.

And each woman’s Strategy Guide includes the
following sections:

* OVERVIEW - Like you saw above, the overview
breaks down each type in detail. You discover
how to pick her out of a crowd, and get a "feel"
for this type, and her dating habits…

* HER DESIRES - What makes her tick. You’ll
discover her deepest desires for both dating
and sex, and then you’ll find out how YOU
can use these desires to seduce her…

section, you’ll see when she’s trying to get
something from you, and how to hold
your ground and turn her on, without losing
attraction from her…

* CONVERSATION TACTICS - In this section, you’ll
get tricks to start conversations, make them flow
easier and easier and fire-proof them from ever
dying out… Best of all - these tactics work on a
woman by woman basis, so they’re super

* BODY LANGUAGE TACTICS - In this section, you’ll see
whether she likes cocky, confident body language, or
protective body language… and you’ll find out how
you should ACT around her, to get her turned on
and feeling safe around you…

* SEX TACTICS - In this section, you’ll find out every-
thing from how to get her turned on, to "in bed moves"
you can use to give her the biggest orgasms of her
life (and prevent yourself from turning her off, once
you both get naked!)

… And MORE!

This 68-page pack of info is literally a step-by-step
Strategy Guide for meeting any woman on the
face of the planet.

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Your Friend,

- Vin

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