The Problem with Chick Flicks

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This is part 3 of a 3-part post, please start with post 1: Women Love Napoleon Dynamite

So I learned that women like to see humor that “attacks up”. They like to see people that they can relate to and who have treated them bad in the past to get their just deserves.

They root for the nice-guy underdog and want the alpha-male to fail.

But there’s a problem with this though…

In real life the underdog typically loses and the alpha-male usually succeeds!

CinderellaLet me use Cinderella as an example…

Women love the fairy tale Cinderella because the step-daughter gets treated like shit by her step-mom and step-sisters yet she gets the prince in the end anyway.

In the NCAA basketball tournament they use the term “Cinderella” for a team that goes far in the tournament despite being high seeds (the best team in the division is a low seed or #1 in comparison).

The problem is how often does a Cinderella team actually win the tournament? Virtually never.

Chick flicks are fairy tales. In real life the vulnerable and weak are going to fail 99% of the time and the strong will prevail 99% of the time.

To put this in pickup artist terms; the AFC’s will fail 99% of the time and the Alpha Males will succeed 99% of the time.

In fact the same women who want to see the jerk in the movie fail are probably often the same women who go back to their jerk boyfriends time after time.

When I was an AFC I loved chick flicks. They gave me hope.

Now that I’ve entered the seduction community and understand what is going on; I hate them.

People in the seduction community should not be recommending that beginners watch chick flicks to understand women just as I would not advise women who wanted to learn about men to watch Rambo.

RamboIn First Blood (the first Rambo movie) he gets beat down by the law and gets his revenge by taking out tons of cops.

It’s a fairy tale for men. It is a “dick flick”. It is not reality.

I know if I tried to do the shit Rambo did I would die in under a minute.

That is why I created; to expose the holes in the plots of chick flicks… and even some dick flicks.

My conclusion:

Understand that chick flicks are not reality. Women may love chick flicks but that doesn’t mean they really want to be treated like Prince Charming treats the girl in the movie.

Understand that what you think is funny is not necessarily what that hot girl in the bar thinks is funny. Learn how humor differentiates between the sexes, ask her some questions and calibrate your humor accordingly.


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