The REAL Reason Why Women TEST Men

Here’s an article by Ross Jeffries, creator of Speed Seduction®, about why women test men

It’s full of Ross’s trademarked double entendre NLP words like “penetrate”, “hard” and “raise”… along with his juvenile slang for the female anatomy (haven’t heard “poon” used since 3rd grade)…

They just don’t make ‘em like good ol’ Ross any more ;-)


Do Her “Tests” Automatically Make You A Desperate Supplicator?
by Ross Jeffries

Ross JeffriesDear Speed Seduction® Student,

There seems to be some confusion on the topics of being tested by women, screening women, women taking the lead, and fractionation.

A question I get asked fairly often: is there a difference between the “tests” women try to put men through on his journey to the Province of Poon vs. a man’s (or for that matter a woman’s) efforts to screen prospects to find the mate they find most appealing?

Is giving in to her “tests” a form of desperate supplication?

To understand this, we must properly define a few terms.

Some of it can be accurately viewed as “tests”; meaning that the person is seeking a response that may not be consciously in their awareness and also is not expressed directly.

That is a HUMAN trait. We ALL do this. Men AND women.

What I have learned, when it comes to sex, is that many of what “seem” like tests are actually about her needs. Such as:

Trust – being well led (but not 100%; it’s fun to give over the lead and many women can handle taking it for a while to some extent).

And most importantly: women need to be FRACTIONATED.

When it comes to sex/intimacy etc. women need fractionation.

Often, what SEEMS like resistance or pulling away or testing is just her own way of fractionating her connecting to you so that it is more appealing when the connection returns.

I really do NOT think this is at all conscious. It’s just what they, hard-wired in the brain, NEED to feel sufficiently aroused etc.

Sexual Aggression MasteryThey aren’t testing for “strength” etc etc in these cases. They just are attempting to “self medicate” in a sense and assist the process of their own desire.

Many guys, with our driving need to penetrate, penetrate, PENETRATE NOW NOW NOW have a hard time grasping this concept.

Think this over and let it penetrate your brain. It will raise your ability to perceive what’s really going on around you.

Peace and piece,


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