The Rock Star Playbook

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The Rock Star PlaybookLet’s face it; seduction and dating products are becoming more and more niche and specialized.

The Rock Star Playbook is one of those. It is for those who want to be ROCK STARS BABY!!!

Thanks to reality TV shows like VH1’s Rock of Love and the success of Guitar Hero and Rock Band it seems like being a rock star is cool again for the first time since the hair band days of the 80’s…

… and I guess we all can be rock stars!

Anybody can be a rock star!! You just need the tools to bring out YOUR larger-than-life personality and lifestyle. You see ordinary guys meeting and picking up beautiful women every day. They’re not rich or handsome, and they’re not famous. But they live like rock stars and they get all the girls, all the time … they’re the everyday rock stars.

Here’s five of the things taught in the book…

* Learn the real secret to building rock-solid unshakeable confidence.
* The top 5 places to meet women.
* Dressing for success.
* 4 skills every guy must have to attract women.
* How to start a conversation with any woman, any where, any time.

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I haven’t read it yet but I think it looks like it will be a fun read at the very least, just check out the promotional picture for it below…

rock band not included shirt

Fuck yeah… I love it! Absolutely priceless…

I’m sold …charge my card!

Click here to find out more about The Rock Star Playbook…

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