The Secrets Of Female Sexuality Book by David Shade - Be The Masterful Lover Women Crave

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If you want to learn female sexuality and sex techniques from a creepy space alien looking dude, David Shade has released a revised version of his Secrets of Female Sexuality book at Amazon today.

You can click here to get it or learn more about it…

I give David credit for putting a nice ass of a hot girl on the cover of his book rather than his buggy eyed and antenna-eared mugshot (click here and scroll down to see his picture).

Have you seen this guy talk? He’s like a chameleon, he can move one eye in one direction and the other in another! It’s f**king freaky!

That being said, how does a girl get her heal caught in her thong like on the cover? (Click here to see the cover if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

I think David’s face scaring the pants off her as she runs away from him faster than the Flash may have something to do with it…

I kid… I kid…

Please don’t shoot me with your ray gun and drag me back to planet Ork to do autopsies on me!

Nanu-Nanu! :)

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