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Yesterday was the NFL Pro Bowl. That means no more football games for six months. This will give me more time to review seduction material for this site.

I’ll be honest: football games were an excuse for me to drink beer. Hey, I live in Brew City! So I decided that I needed to create a drinking game for watching and listening to seduction material.



Find the author for whatever product you are watching/reading/listening to below and do what it says every time one of the listed events happens.

David DeAngelo

- Take a drink every time he says the word “friend“. Examples are “I was hanging with my good friend Tyler”.

- Take a drink every time he repeats a word or phrase. David D has been known to repeat phrases six times in a row so I recommend drinking light beer.

Ross Jeffries

- Slam a beer every time Ross mentions that he is Jewish.


- Take a drink every time he calls a girl “Missy” or says the phrases “abso-fricking-lutely” or “for shits and giggles

David Wygant

- Slam your beer every time he talks shit about the Mystery Method (examples are peacocking, canned openers, routines, etc.)

This drinking game extends to seduction blogs too, for example:

- Slam a beer every time The Seduction Bible changes their blog layout.

- Take a drink for every time Michael Stoute coughs in a Seduction Bible podcast

- Calculate the difference in the number of girls V from Becoming A PUA has fucked since the last time you visited his blog and take that number of drinks (check out the graphic in the upper right corner)

- Take a drink every time Mack Tight talks shit about Neil Strauss

It’s casual,
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  • chuks ugoji
    February 12th, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    Thanks goodness football is over so you can feed us with some more infos.

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