The Single Most Important Word In Dating

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Here’s a quick article by my buddy Bobby Rio, author of Conversation Escalation - Make Small Talk Sexy

Bobby reveals the single most important word in dating (hint: it rhymes with “rabbit” ;-) )…


The Single Most Important Word In Dating
by Bobby Rio

Bobby RioThere is one word that is more important to your success with women than just about anything else, and I’m about to tell you what it is.

This one word is the ultimate predictor of how successful you will be with the opposite sex. If you ignore this word, you will NEVER have predictable success with women, but if you take this word to heart and do something with it, your success is virtually guaranteed.


The word is “habit”. Oh, don’t you dare roll your eyes at me… just listen up and this will all make sense. The truth is, a man is defined by his habits. When you go out to socialize, look at the guys who seem to be having the most fun with women.

Those guys have the HABIT of interacting with women, and so it’s natural and easy for them. They don’t have to use willpower or psych themselves up to go and approach. They talk to women all night long because that’s what they’re used to doing.


Look, if you want more women in your life, then don’t rely on your willpower every time you go out in order to force yourself to approach women. Instead, you want to develop the HABIT of approaching women every time you socialize.

Now you and I both know that this is easier said than done, but now it actually IS easy thanks to my newly developed system for approaching women called The Natural Approach (watch my free video about it here). Not only does it make approaching women drop dead easy, but it also trains you on how to install the HABIT of approaching into your subconscious mind so it becomes automatic and effortless.

When you do that, meeting women will just be a part of your everyday life, just like those guys you see out there having a great time and having lots of women around them. Go ahead and check out my Natural Approach program right now, and start meeting more women as soon as today!


Bobby Rio


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