The Sinns of Attraction Platinum Mastermind Coaching Program is now available

Sinn is opening the doors to his 12 Months to Mastery program once again…

You have until this coming Tuesday to apply here

If you don’t know, Sinn specializes in extended personalized programs that lend a very small group of guys access to his expertise on a regular basis.

It’s pricey, but you’ll get better results over the long term than taking a $3000 2-day bootcamp.

In fact with all things considered, it’s probably a much better deal than your typical weekend bootcamp…

Here’s all that you get, taken directly from his sales page

* Access to TWO Small Group Live Training Workshops (limited to 3 students total) lead by you personally ($12,000.00 value)

* A personalized, multi-media 90-day curriculum customized to MY goals and My needs ($2,000.00 value)

* A 45-minute one-on-one coaching call with you every month for three months ($1,125.00 value).

* UNLIMITED email access to you for the duration of the program ($1,200.00 value).

* A 90-Minute GROUP Mastermind Training Call every month ($1,500 value)

* Access to the Private Mastermind Forum that contains your secret video vault ($500 value)

* PLUS, I also get the following FREE Bonuses that have a documented value of $10,943.00:

* A FREE one-year scholarship to your 12 Months to Mastery Year Long Training Program that contains two ADDITIONAL Live bootcamps, the 12 Months to Mastery Curriculum, Monthly Coaching Calls and MUCH MORE! ($10,000.00 value)

* A FREE copy of your Complete Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program ($697.00 value)

* A FREE copy of The Sinns of Attraction Power Pack, which contains your Natural Attraction DVD and your groundbreaking Lay Reports Book ($99.00 value).

* A FREE copy of your BRAND NEW Advanced Strategies for Sexualized Comfort 3-CD set ($147.00 value).

So how much is it?

Right around $7000 total for the whole 12 month program!

That seems like a lot, but when you put all the dedicated coaching into perspective it’s not as bad as you may think…

He also throws in about a $1000 worth of his products in with that price, including his long sold out Day Game program…

Basically, if you have the money and you want guaranteed long term results with personal one-on-one guidance with probably the biggest name in pickup at this time… this is your opportunity.

Remember, there’s only a couple spots that will be snatched up fastt…

Click here to learn more…

Too much for $$$ for you? Try one of Sinn’s cheaper products…

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