Sinn talks about Approach and Sexual Anxiety

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Here’s the new vlog of Sinn:

The lighting is much better in this vlog. I can see now that Sinn both speaks and looks exactly like a younger version of my older brother. They could be twins, it is scary.

He still seems a bit scripted at times but that is understandable when he is throwing a lot of information at you uncut in a short amount of time.

I’ll be honest: I really like Sinn’s video blogs.

He isn’t barking orders at us or calling us out. He is likable and not abrasive. He is humble. He still has flaws and downfalls (i.e. alcohol). He doesn’t try hard to be funny or cool. He is a guy who went through the same things we are going through and is there to help and guide us.

I didn’t always get this impression reading his blog posts in the past.

I like how Sinn complements his audience and the community by saying we are smart people. One only needs to compare a comment on this blog to a comment on your typical popular YouTube video to see this.

I like his quote:

“One thing smart guys are good at is making excuses.”

It is so true. Intelligence is both a curse and a blessing. I make reference to issues smart guys have in this post.

Sinn mentions two books.

The first is a guide to sex called The Guide To Getting It On! by Daerick Gross and Paul Joannides. It appears to be out of print so I recommend getting the most recent printing of it at

He then mentions My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday. You can get it new for about $8 at Amazon. I think we all can relate to Sinn not being able to handle the book at the time. I document my personal issues with not being able to handle certain sexual situations in this post.

You can check out Sinn’s new Lay Reports Book ebook…

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