The Tampon Opener

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Here’s an article by dating coach David Wygant about using situational openers…


The Tampon Opener ….. Or Is It Tampax?

People are really interesting. They are always looking for exactly the right thing to say. They are always asking me, “David, how do I talk to people?”

David Wygant first dateI had an appointment this morning. As I was walking up the steps to enter the building, there was a woman walking not five feet in front of me.

I was just enjoying the day. She was rushing and looking frantic.

All of the sudden, as she went to reach for something in her purse, out drops a tampon. So I looked down at the ground and said, “You don’t want to be without that today.”

She starts laughing. She said, “Yeah, that’s always a fun thing to drop.”

We went on to converse for about thirty seconds. Then I wished her a great day and continued on where I was going.

This example is exactly the reason I teach people to observe and communicate in the moment. Doing that allows you to talk about absolutely anything. Click here for more advice about that.

That woman’s tampon dropping on the ground is funny. It’s a funny thing. Most guys would look at that tampon on the ground and think, “Oh my God, what do I say? What is the RIGHT thing to say?”

There isn’t just one “right” thing to say in that (or any other) situation. The truth is that there are lots of things you could say in that situation.

If you saw that tampon fall, you could say what I said. You could also say, “Hey, you might need a tampon today. Let me get it for you” or “Now that’s embarrassing!” Say whatever is on your mind.

So many guys don’t (or can’t) say what’s on their mind, because their mind is always preoccupied with wondering what they should say. They are constantly thinking, “What do I say . . . and how do I say it?”

Those kind of thoughts occupying your mind every day is the reason you don’t make connections every single day. You are never in the moment. You are always worried, over-thinking and over-analyzing.

If I can start a conversation over a tampon, you can start a conversation anywhere, anytime and in any situation too.

Need more help with this? I cover EVERYTHING for you here.

-David Wygant


David Wygant is a Dating Coach and author of the book Date To Win.

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