The Three Power Principles To Get Any Girl Into Bed by Ross Jeffries

Ross JeffriesHere’s Ross Jeffries of Speed Seduction ® fame talking about the 3 key principles that you need to keep in mind to achieve getting busy with the girl…

Notice that Ross mentions focusing on her FEELINGS

How sweet!!!

The Three Power Principles To Get Any Girl Into Bed by Ross Jeffries

Here are three power principles that will allow you to have choice, variety and consistent success with the most amazing women, without the 5 B’s:


1. Focus on her feelings first. Get your mind off the BEHAVIORS you want from her (sex, undying loyalty, threesomes, etc) and put your mind and focus on what feeling states she would have to be in, in order to want to naturally give you those behaviors.

2. Realize that the key to her feelings is her imagination. Capture and lead her imagination and you can generate the intense feelings and emotions she craves.

3. The key to capturing her imagination AND emotions is how you use your language both in terms of what YOU say and what you get her to talk about.

Think of a woman you really, REALLY want to be with.

Wouldn’t you like her to experience the following emotional “states” with you?


You would agree that those would be great for starters, yes? That, given THOSE feelings, she would be far more likely to say, “JUMP ME NOW” instead of “Let’s just be friends!”

By the way, if the only thing you hear from women is “Let’s just be friends” it is because the only feeling states she experiences around you are casual enjoyment and comfort. Not enough to get her doing the grown up!)

Are you following along so far?

Now, you may have heard it said that women will decide in the first ten seconds if they are going to sleep with a guy.

This is almost always NOT true. What is true is that when women DO decide to sleep with you,(whether it’s ten minutes or ten months into knowing you) they will run that process of deciding through their body and mind in LESS than ten seconds.

A woman’s attraction to you may SEEM mysterious, like it comes out of thin air.

But in reality, it is part of a process that she runs through her mind and in her body.

Use your language in the right way, learn to get her to ask the right questions, and she will run those processes and feel those feelings with YOU as if the attraction and desire were perfectly natural(and in a sense it really will be!)

That’s when you get power, choice and predictable success with the women you really want.

That sure beats a poke in the eye, doesn’t it?

And isn’t that what we all really want?

Ok. I think I’ve piled enough on you for now. But I want you to really re-read this newsletter another time. Maybe print it out and take it with you for a long walk, and think about the implications and how it begins to make sense of a very important piece of your life. Remember the more we can “de-mystify” women’s emotions and make them something we can bring to the surface and LINK to us, the more power, choice, and enjoyment with women we are going to have; women most guys just get to dream about.

In the next issue we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of how to actually start using your language to do this.

Until then,

P e a c e a n d p i e c e ,

R o s s

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