The Truth about College Game and Spring Break 2008 in Panama City Beach Florida

If you are in college, a high school student who is going to go to college or even a 31 year-old guy like me who likes to go to the college bars and pick up girls (I have no shame!) then you can go to and download a free PDF about picking up college women.

On a related note, I’m officially going on Spring Break for like the eleventeenth time in my life. I am now ten years older than the typical spring breaker but I really don’t give a shit.

This year for the fourth time I’m going back to Panama City Beach, Florida. The last time I was there was two years ago. It is probably the most happening spring break destination within the US (Cancun is bigger). I will be flying into Orlando on March 11th to meet up with a friend and we will drive the next day to PCB and stay there until Sunday morning.

Panama City Beach is always a good time. I expect lotsa alcohol, lotsa drunken beach brawls, lotsa beach beer pong, lotsa wet t-shirt and bikini contests, a few hot babes and LOTSA SAUSAGE to compete with.

Yes, spring break is typically quite the cock fest. If you don’t have the game to fend off the suitors and pull a hottie where you’re at you are not going to be able to pull at spring break. Women are like fillet mignon in a piranha tank there. I’ve had success on spring break in the past but this is truly the first year that I think my game is good enough to compete.

And surprisingly I’m going to use the fact that I’m ten years older than everyone else as an ADVANTAGE.