The ultimate revenge on a girl who dumps you

Some dude/dudette posted the following video on YouTube as an apparent mockery of how PUA’s act.

Here’s their witty description of the video:

“pick up artist gets dumped. This is the way pua’s act. LMAO!”

Have I mentioned lately how acronyms like “LMAO” and “LOL” really fucking annoy me?

Now I don’t know how this video has anything to do with pickup because true PUA’s don’t get dumped. Nonetheless, I still thought the first couple minutes of it were amusing.

I love how the guy is completely emotionless and plain frank after the girl dumps him.

The skit drags out for too long after the good start.

It overall reminds me of my friend who got dumped by his girlfriend just as he was about to propose to her. In the months since then he has systematically fucked the majority of her roommates and friends.

For me, I used to prefer going for family and relatives such as in this video. I prefered sisters and cousins over Moms though.

Roommates and friends come and go, relatives are for life…

If you are going to hypothetically stab her; you should make sure to twist the knife good!