The Victim Mentality

One thing I increasingly see is guys who play the “victim” card in regards to their lack of success with women in the dating scene.

They come up with intricate theories and excuses on how women, society, the media, their upbringing, government, friends, movements, corporations and others are all ganging up on them to guarantee that they’ll live a celibate life alone.

Based on these self-perceived conceptions, they become increasingly defiant, negative and all-around closed off from their surroundings…

Basically it is the nail in their coffin and guarantees them no chance for improvement or happiness.

I know, because I had this problem for several years myself.

I blamed everyone but myself for my lack of success with women.

The biggest step for me was the night I finally accepted that “I” was to blame for my problems.

Basically I went out in my dinky hometown on Thanksgiving night and an attractive younger girl was hanging on me like a cheap suit and I absolutely BLEW IT.

I had no one to blame but myself. I felt like shit at first BUT once I accepted it and made a pact to IMPROVE I felt incredibly optimistic about my future.

Once you accept that you are at fault, you give yourself the opportunity to get better.

I admit there are sometimes factors outside of your control that can affect your dating life. You might have not been blessed with the best genetics or family environment growing up.

Although it might not seem like it from the outside, EVERYONE has had issues like this that they overcame. OVERCOME yours!

Fix what you can and forget what you can’t…

It is a million times easier and more productive to change yourself than to change others.

It’s casual,

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