The worst pick up video ever!

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I’ve seen a lot of pick up videos in my day.

Most are of guys speaking at seminars. I don’t understand why they have seminar videos, I’d prefer just having the audio instead. I don’t need to see a dude stand motionlessly for hours on a stage.

The best pickup video is by Mehow in my opinion.

He took pickup video to new heights with his Infield Exposed product. His use of infield footage and real time breakdown was the first time I saw someone really take advantage of what video has to offer. Hopefully his upcoming Group Attraction Manifesto can keep the trend going.

As far as the worst pickup videos, I would have to go with the scripted ones.

Fast Seduction 101’s The Art of Pickup is an example of a well put together program that just plain missed the mark because of its overall stiffness. It reminded me of one of those training videos you are forced to watch when you start working at a retail store.

Neil Strauss’s MySpace promotional videos for his Rules of the Game release were both stiff and cringe-worthy. When Neil comes out at the end of each episode and gives a corny Jerry Springer wrap-up I literally want to reach through the monitor and bitch slap him.

BUT the worst scripted video I have EVER saw has to be the Charisma Arts YouTube shorts from early 2007.

Just watch this one…

All I can say is, what the fuck were they thinking?!?

What is up with the scary fucker in the wig?

Is the milk thing at the end actually supposed to be funny?

Am I seriously supposed to propose the idea of buying each other “mystery” drinks to girls who want me to buy them a drink?

What if she gets me some shitty drink that I don’t want to drink?

What if I get her a $10 cosmo and she gets me a $2 can of Schlitz? Wouldn’t that still be like me buying her a $8 drink?

Maybe I’m just thinking too much into this like with the refrigerator scene in the most recent Indiana Jones movie. I should probably stop asking questions and just set back and enjoy its campiness like a rerun of Saved by the Bell…

But seriously boys and girls, pick up gurus should NOT try to act. In fact I’ve seen porn with better acting than this skit.

The idea that this video has existed on YouTube for over a year and people are trying to bad mouth Charisma Arts by making a big deal out of some instructor no one heard of leaving the company blows my mind. That’s like walking past a $100 bill laying on the sidewalk to pickup a penny!!!

Now I’ve seen and read enough about Juggler and Charisma Arts to know they are legit and these videos are just flukes. The British Seduction School documentary is video that really shows the strength of Charisma Arts.

But let this post be a warning to all gurus out there…

…stop the scripted bullshit, it is boring and cheesy!

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