There is nothing wrong with using the terms AFC and PUA

I’m hearing more and more people who are disapproving of the use of the terms “AFC” and “PUA”.

They deem it as a judgmental mentality that should not be used. They claim that the words cast a bad light on the pick up community and are degrading.

I do not see it that way.

I almost exclusively use the two terms to describe myself and not others.

When I use the word AFC, it involves my days when I didn’t understand social interaction and how to attract women. AFC stands for “Average Frustrated Chump” and I was average, frustrated and a chump so I don’t see where the issue is there.

Today I deem myself a PUA (short for “Pick Up Artist”) because it is such an accepted term.

I’m not a fan of it and particularly the use of the word “Artist” in it. Then again I do not like the word “penis” but I still find it a word that I’m forced to say from time to time in certain situations.

By calling myself a PUA I’m not trying to imply that I’m running around bedding women like Wilt Chamberlain. I’m not trying to say I’m this deceptively cunning individual who manipulates women.

I’m simply a guy who has realized and accepted that I was wrong and am now trying to change myself. I have become better with interacting and dealing with women as a direct result. I have transformed myself from an AFC to a PUA mindset.

To word it better, I became a socially enlightened individual.

But until I can use “SEI” and have people know what the hell I’m talking about I’m going to continue to use PUA.

To take it one step further, I think the seduction community has taken a negative term that predates it and has put a positive light upon it.

Back in 1987 the title “The Pick-Up Artist” was used for a chick flick where the guy was a womanizer who was portrayed in a bad light.

Twenty years later it was used by Mystery’s reality show where socially incompetent guys learned how to overcome their fears, anxieties and hang-ups to become more confident and better interactively with women and with other members of society as a whole.