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I got word from Bobby Rio this weekend that what was once The Seduction Bible has now made its complete transformation to a “men’s online magazine” with the change of its main domain to

Check Out Bobby’s Newest Site…

For several months now they have been gradually distancing themselves from a strictly seduction site to more of a men’s portal with posts about fashion and nude celebrity pictures.

I understand the traffic benefits of having posts with titles like “Pictures of Lindsay Lohan nude”. Traffic makes money. It is a smart move on their part as long as image rights doesn’t become an issue.

I think one of their most brilliant moves was their series of “high school game” posts. It really brought in a community of young men to their site who contribute to it daily. Teenagers and guys in their early 20’s are by far the most loyal and internet prolific of any age group. They saw a market that wasn’t being reached out to and reached out to them. In return, they have the most loyal non-insider fan base of any seduction site that I know of.

I’ll be honest, I’ve cut back the number of blog feeds that I read daily substantially as of lately. But TSB Mag will always be a daily read for me.

The only thing I don’t get it the name… “TSB” Magazine?!?

… it sounds like a magazine about a venereal disease!

Why not go with a generic one-word name like those inspired by the original British “lad” magazines?

Maxim, Stuff, Guts, Nuts, Razor, Loaded, Arena, Front, Giant, Gear, Flirt, Zoo, etc…….

UPDATE: Check out TSBMag’s newest system

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  • Bobby Rio
    July 28th, 2008 at 10:35 am

    Thanks for mention Mack..

    as for the name TSB… it really came from the fact that when we were The Seduction Bible many of our readers were referring to us as TSB… a lot less creepy than writing The Seduction Bible I guess… either way it stuck.

    By the way… i’ve also cut back my feeds (especially in the seduction niche) but Eseduce has remained a guilty pleasure for me. I was struggling through the last week without the updates.

    Glad you’re back!

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