“Thirsty” Slang Definition - Don’t Act THIRSTY around Girls!

For years I’ve been preaching that being “needy” is incredibly unattractive.

Now there’s a trendy word for it - “THIRSTY“…

So here’s my Thirsty definition:

THIRSTY DEFINITION (SLANG) - To act in a needy way in an attempt to get someone’s attention. Usually in a desperate attempt to court the opposite sex.

Here’s the deal. High value guys don’t act like a puppy begging for the attention of girls. They do not hound and harass women. It’s just the opposite.

Thirsty guys are incredibly needy. They know they have few options in their lives. That’s why they act desperate around girls.

I generally see two main issues with guys. First, they are too shy and in-their-heads. They are timid and have anxiety around attractive girls.

The second issue is they are “miscalibrated” around women. They say the wrong things. They don’t understand women. They use pickup lines that shoot themselves in the foot. They act THIRSTY.

Don’t be thirsty!

Learn how to become confident. Find out what to say to girls. Be aggressive in the right way. Don’t be desperate and thirsty.

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight

P.S. here’s an amusing video by Nate’s Vlogs about thirsty guys & thirsty girls (NSFW - language)