Does Tony Romo have “the sickness” over Jessica Simpson?

The guys at coined the phrase “the sickness” toJessica “Yoko” Simpson and Tony Romo describe how guys become a needy pile of shit after they become obsessed over a woman.

I confess: I’ve had the sickness before. The girl was hot and at first I was cool with her and our relationship was great. Then I got the sickness. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t work productively. I ended up fucking it all up.

It seems like since Tony Romo and Yoko Romo (AKA Jessica Simpson) have started dating that Romo has not been the same. She was in a luxury box at the Eagles game in which he played like shit. The media has made issue of his trip to Mexico with her a week ago. Then today with a less than stellar performance they lost against the Giants.

Does Romo have the sickness? Is Jessica affecting his game? Or is he a flawless PUA who just had a couple bad games?

I never liked Jessica Simpson’s music, reality show or movies. The whole dumb blonde ditz shtick annoyed me. But as a Green Bay Packer fan I have learned to have a new found appreciation for her.

If the Packer’s win the Super Bowl in appreciation of Yoko Romo I will actually watch “Blonde Ambition” and review it for a Chick Flick Friday post on this site. I’m sure that will mean any regular readers will be rooting for the Giants next weekend.