What Age Is “Too Old” To Become A Pickup Artist?

Guys who get into “pickup” or “the game” are often incredibly self conscious of their age…

It seems like they want to use their age as an excuse for their lack of success with women…

So is there REALLY an age where you’re TOO OLD to learn how to be a pickup artist?

Where you won’t be able to effectively use it for dating younger women?

Brad P’s got the answer below…


Am I too old for the game?
by Brad P

People ask me all the time,

“I’m gonna be 30 soon, am I too old for the game?”

I’m 45 and divorced, am I too old for the game?”

“I’m gonna be 50 soon, am I too old for the game?”

After years and years of doing this, I’m ready to give an across-the-board answer too the question, how old is too old to game?

Well, you’re never too old, if you’re willing to keep gaming in the nursing home, you can go right up until your dick stops working. There’s probably lots of old folks getting laid in the nursing homes.

But I think that most people who ask this are referring to gaming cute young women.

So here’s your answer:


If you’re under 65, you’re still young enough to game cute young women.

And there ya have it.

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