You don’t have to travel or move to find available hot girls

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It bugs me when people complain about the lack of available hot women in their area. They always say that there are hotter, thinner, cooler and easier girls in a different city, state or country. They would be more successful with women if they lived there.

That is a bullshit excuse. wi.jpg

There are plenty of available hot women where you live if you quit making lame excuses and open your eyes. I know this firsthand because I used this excuse daily a few years back.

I was living in western Wisconsin in a medium sized college town. I was working at a large home repair store where at least fifty attractive high school and college girls were working at. I was going to college at a university with thousands of attractive girls. There were girls all around me but because I was such an AFC I had no luck with them.

I went to Orlando to visit a friend and hooked up with a couple 9’s and 10’s. They actually picked me up. I asked one of them why she was attracted to me and she said it was because I was tall. Being tall got me nowhere in Wisconsin.

When I got back to Wisconsin I decided to give up on trying. When I graduated I would just move to Orlando where the women were hotter, cooler and easier to pick up. I brainwashed myself into thinking the city I lived in was full of stuck-up, conservative, bitchy fat girls.

I was unloading a truck one day and talked to the truck driver. He said that he had been all over the US. I asked him what place had the hottest girls that were the easiest to pick up. I expected him to say “Phoenix” or “Miami” or “Dallas”.

Instead he said, “People are the same wherever you go. There are hot girls and ugly girls, stuck-up girls and cool girls in every city.” This was not the answer I was looking for but I later found out he was right.orlando1.jpg

I graduated from college and moved to Orlando. I soon found out that I must have had a fluke run of good luck the first time I went. Just as the trucker said; I found the women in Orlando to be exactly the same as the girls from western Wisconsin. On top of that, the cost of living in Orlando was the same as where I was from but the wages were 20-33% lower. There may be no snow in Florida but I was down there in the summer and it was way too fucking hot for my liking and I couldn’t stand the daily afternoon rains and seasonal hurricanes.

I moved back to Wisconsin and got a job in Milwaukee. It completely changed my outlook and I never used where I lived as an excuse for my lack of success with women ever again.

Sure there may be a higher percentage of 10’s in Orlando or L.A. but there is always a trade off in return. Maybe you’ll make less or the cost of living will be more. You may be a big fish in a small pond of guppies where you live but if you move to L.A. your going to be a small fish in a big pond of piranhas.

The fact that I lived in that area of Wisconsin was not the reason why I was not getting laid frequently back then; the fact that I was an AFC who always made bullshit excuses rather than changing is why I was not getting laid frequently back then.

If you don’t like where you live; move now or else make the best of it. There are benefits of living where you are now that you will not even realize until you move.

Don’t get me wrong; I still visit Orlando and I still love it. I tell others my success stories from when I go down there but I never suggest to others that they should move down there. I also never suggest to others that they should move in general to improve there chances with women. It is not a justifiable reason to move if you ask me.

The exception is if you are living in the Ozarks where “Deliverance” was filmed. Then your excuse would be valid!

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