Turn off the TV and exit your house this fall

It is easy to leave your house or apartment during the summer. The weather is great and there is nothing on TV.

Then the fall comes and there are new TV shows and football. You can always make the excuse to yourself to stay home in order to watch TV rather than go sarge.

I had this problem myself.

A few years ago I lived in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and I watched “The O.C.” every week with one of the girls I was seeing. I also used to watch college football with a wing before we went to the bars and sarged. I quit seeing the girl and my wing got married and moved. I myself moved to Milwaukee and didn’t know anyone. I found myself watching “The O.C.” and college football in my apartment by myself for nostalgic reasons. It made me remember the good times I had the year before and forget the loneliness I was feeling at the time.

I found myself buying DVDs of teen angst shows like “One Tree Hill” and “Dawson’s Creek”. These are shows teenage girls watch. Why the hell was I watching them?

Rather than leaving my apartment and developing relationships with women in my life I was instead staying home and watching these shows. I was living my life vicariously through fictional characters such as Dawson Leery and Lucas Scott. When I watched an episode where Dawson and Joey had a fight, the next day I went to work and felt like shit. It was like I had a fight with my girlfriend. How fucking pathetic is that!

I had my breakthrough last November. It was then that I finally opened my eyes and realized I needed to change my life in many ways.

I needed to stop resorting to watching TV, movies, and reading books to compensate for the lack of action, adventure and female interaction in my life. When I was bored or lonely instead of watching Netflix I instead went to local coffee shops, malls, bars and clubs and went sarging. If I felt like my 9-to-5 cubicle job was monotonous and my life was blah, I hoped on my mountain bike and hit a trail or hoped in my car and drove to some city or event that I never been to.

Watching TV is easy. It is comfortable. Exit your comfort zone and force yourself to do the extra work and you will reap the rewards in return. You will meet new wings and women.

I find myself still at times watching excessive TV, surfing the internet and wasting time doing stuff that is to no benefit to me. I need to work on this more myself.