Turning Things Sexual with Braddock and Kisser

Turning Things SexualEach month Love Systems puts out an audio product where a select group of LS instructors gets together to give tips and advice about a certain dating related topic…

This month the instructors are Braddock and Kisser and the topic is “Turning Things Sexual”.

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Otherwise here’s the description for it…

The keen ability to turns things sexual in an interaction with a beautiful woman is what will ultimately keep you out of the friend-zone. Once you learn how to firmly sexualize your conversations with women, you will be able to physically escalate with ease. In this key interview, Braddock and Kisser discuss the core rules of turning things sexual and share some useful tools to help you stay on the right track. They also provide routines and role-plays you can use to sexualize your interactions.

Additional areas of focus include:

* When to start turning things sexual.
* How to use Sexual Hoops to move up the escalation ladder.
* How to test women for discomfort.
* Differences between turning things sexual in the daytime vs. nighttime.
* How to effectively use role-plays to turn things sexual.
* How to use false barriers to get her to chase you.

“The ability to turn things sexual is probably one of the most important pieces of game… It’s the difference between having a friendly conversation and taking the girl and turning it into something sexual.”
- Braddock

“By putting her in a playful mood, when she banters with you, then you’re going up that sexual ladder with her.”
- Kisser

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