Twix “How To Score A Mega-Hottie” UCLA Bookstore Commercial

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Last night I saw a Twix commercial on TV where two guys were reading a PUA-like book titled “How To Score A Mega-Hottie” in the UCLA Bookzone…

Well, you can watch it below and my rant will follow…

What a fucking cocksucker!!!

This bastard totally sold out his wingman…

If I was his buddy, that would mean WAR!!!

That Judas would be in the corner chewing on his fucking Twix while I was bangin’ his girlfriend, sister and his mom…

All smack talk aside, this is another example of how all this PUA stuff is becoming more and more mainstream…

Mega corporations are selling candy bars with it!

…and if you want a REAL PUA book geared toward picking up chicks in college, check out the Conquer Your Campus book

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