Tyra Show Aftermath Q&A with Savoy

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I sent Love Systems Savoy a few questions about his recent Love Systems Tyra Banks Bro Code Show appearance, and he was gracious enough to send me the following answers…

What did you think of the episode?

It was a lot of fun to do. I have a lot of
respect for Tyra and her people — it would be so
much easier for them, with their audience, to be
all sensationalist and negative.

Tyra seemed to really push you guys through the
“assembly line” quite fast, did you feel she gave
you fair time after seeing the later segments?

These shows are chaotic. Tyra does 3 of them a
day when she’s working, including audience
changes. Our ground rule was that they could ask
anything they wanted or say anything they wanted,
but that we get fair time to respond. They
respected that, so we’re cool.

They didn’t really show you guys training the
student. How did you coach him and for how long?

It was pretty random. We wanted him to get a
copy of the Magic Bullets ebook to read
beforehand, but they said that would make it too
easy, and they wanted to show him not having
success at first. And they picked out clothes for
him and wouldn’t let us change him.

All in all, we had a few hours. At first it was
just training him enough to be able to to approach girls
he didn’t know and have them WANT to talk
to him. Then we worked on some attraction, and
then getting a phone number. That’s about as
far as you can go with most guys in a couple
hours. We spend a lot of time studying adult
education and ways to teach and from doing this
year after year, we know how much someone can
learn in a given amount of time and how to best
use every minute of training time.

We wanted to have him for a day or two.

In one shot, they showed how there were cameras
and a boom mic right by the women as the guy
opened them. Do you think that affected how the
women reacted?

No doubt. The walking and moving approaches
worked best. A film crew can discretely blend in
if you’re somewhere where lots of people are
walking around, but it’s hard not to notice a
crew setting up shop around the park bench
you’re sitting on.

It’s tough enough to teach someone Love Systems
in a couple hours without also having
to teach frame-control “don’t worry about the
cameras” game. (That’s pretty hard though you
can see someone like Love Systems Soul pull it off).
So we switched into more standing, walking, and
moving approaches.

What’s your reasoning for going on a show
primarily geared toward women like Tyra OTHER than
the obvious exposure? I mean, isn’t that kind of
like breaking “The Bro Code” in and of itself?

If your game was based on a few gimmicks, I’d
agree with you. If all you’ve got is gimmicks
and women learn what they are then they don’t
work any more. We’re seeing that with a couple
of the most famous guys who got a lot of publicity
but never changed with the times.

One of the reasons Love Systems has become so
popular is that for the first time there’s a
system that is both step-by-step and easy to learn
on one hand, but that comes across as totally
natural to women on the other.

The great thing about this is that women can know
exactly what you are doing, and it still works.
My girlfriend was writing a story about me when
she decided she wanted to date me instead. A
female Boston Globe writer didn’t like that we
teach “nice guys” how to attract women but was
still forced to admit that “the methods

We’re not doing crazy voodoo or acting weird
– we’ve broken down every part of what
“naturals” do and we teach guys how to do it
themselves. I don’t know why no one thought of
that before we did.

Since the episode was about “The Bro Code” and
Tyra completely neglected to tie you guys into the
topic, I figured I’d ask you a couple question
regarding it…

Lets say you are friends with a couple, a
boyfriend and girlfriend. You know the guy is
cheating, do you tell the girlfriend? What if
the girl was cheating on the guy. Would you tell

Ahh, that’s just sensationalist stuff to keep
her audience (mostly young women) glued to their
TVs. I think most people have loyalty to their
friends, male or female. If I’m friends with
both people, it’s probably none of my business
and I wouldn’t say anything. If the new
boyfriend of a close female friend is doing
something he shouldn’t and that would affect
her, he doesn’t get a free pass because he’s

Since Tyra was a model, I want to briefly touch
on fashion. What did you think of Tyra’s outfit?
I never thought I would see a Victoria’s Secret
Angel in capri jeans!

Tyra’s hot. She’d look good wearing a potato

So far you’ve had two big TV appearances
(Lawrence Leung and Tyra) and two big product
launches (Savoy’s Relationship Management
DVD Home Study Course
and Routines Manual
Volume 2
) in 2009, what’s next in the pipeline?

We have a huge event coming up –

* October 8-12 2009 Love Systems Super Conference

– This is the elite event of the year where the
world’s top dating coaches all get invited to
one place to show their new stuff, network, etc.
It’s really the ultimate event every year for
guys to learn how to succeed with women and there
are about 20-30 of the world’s best dating
coaches and trainers there. The best in the world
gets invited – in the past, guys like Neil
Strauss, Sinn, Brad P, Mystery, and Pickup101 have
been there as well as top Love Systems guys like
Cajun, Braddock, Mr M, Soul, The Don, etc.

[ Learn more about the Super Conference by clicking here...]

Thanks Savoy and congrats on another !

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