V from BecomingAPUA.com is back!

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About a month ago I wrote a post asking what happened to V from BecomingAPUA.com.

If you are unfamiliar with his site you are missing out. For several months he made a post everyday and there were some GREAT posts by him during that time.

Then after his March 6th post he became MIA. His forum contest banners were not changed. Not even the other BecomingAPUA.com bloggers knew what happened to him.

There were even rumors that he was dead or in jail.

Well, he finally made a post today and it sounds like he just took a vacation from it all.

I can totally understand …but I’m also glad he is back.

…now only if he would take that damn picture of his ass in a thong off the front page of his blog all would be well icon_smile.gif

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