Valentines Day Tips for Guys

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I’ve talked about Valentine’s Day so many times in the past that it’s like beating a dead horse. But I do have something to add this year.

valentines day puaWhether you’re single, in a committed relationship or just casually dating… here’s how you should handle Valentine’s Day…

- If you are single

Treat it as any other day. Don’t get all depressed because you are ’single’. Better yet, use it for motivation to go out and approach some women. If a girl is out without a guy, she is practically guaranteed to be available.

- If you are in a monogamous relationship

Just go with it! Take your woman out to eat, buy her some flowers and chocolates. It will probably cost you a couple hundred dollars, but big deal. Have fun with it and don’t get all negative about it being a ‘commercialized holiday’. You really need to pick your battles in any relationship… and getting bullheaded about V-Day is a fight you will not win.

- If you are casually dating or ‘friend with benefits’

Do NOT ask the girl out for V-Day! Steer clear of her on this day. I have a friend who ALWAYS makes the mistake of trying to wine ‘n dine girls on V-day that he shouldn’t be. One Valentine’s Day, he asked his fuck buddy out to a fancy restaurant. That was the last time he fucked her!

Trying to ‘wife up’ girls who you are not in a committed relationship with comes off as needy. Men should not try to advance relationships. Alpha males typically FIGHT any advancement proposed by the woman. Don’t be a ’stage 5 clinger’… don’t scare girls off… just be content with getting the milk without having to buy the cow.

So there you go…

It’s not that bad if you handle it right and don’t let it get the best of you.

Happy Valentine’s Day bro! (no homo)

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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