Venusian Arts gets email happy

I signed up to be a member of the Venusian Arts forums last week.

I had to give them my email address in the process. Friday I started getting promotional emails from them which I don’t mind if they are once a week or less.

Well I got six promotional emails between last Friday and early Tuesday morning.

Seriously, that is fucking ridiculous. I do not care if they have a new program coming out this week or a “superconference” coming next month. Getting six emails in a little over four days is obviously too damn much.

What it made me do was unsubscribe to their mailing list. Rather than being able to send me one email per week until I die they had to push it and they got only six emails before I unsubscribed. I will end up not buying any products from their emails. Now was that truly an effective method of advertising on their part?

I think all people who are selling products need to take this example into consideration when promoting them via email. Just like with all things in life; moderation is key. Wait … sex and money are exceptions!