VH1 Tough Love sounds like “The Pickup Artist” for Women

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VH1 has a new show premiering March 15 called “Tough Love“. The show totally sounds like “The Pickup Artist” for women.

Drew Barrymore is the Executive Producer and the guy who plays Mystery is Steven Ward. Here’s a bit about him…

Steven Ward is here to give women a unique perspective on dating - an inside peak into the male brain. Steven refuses to sugar coat anything and instead tells women exactly how men think and feel, so they can understand how they are perceived.

It sounds like they are trying to make Steven sound like the next Dr. Phil or something… I wonder how women will like a show with a male instructor?

Here’s a brief synopsis of the show…

In each of the eight episodes, Steven will examine the bad habits of eight women and retrain them on the basics of dating and maintaining a relationship. During this “tough love boot camp,” Steven will attempt to reshape their “destructive” dating habits using his rules of dating. Steven will tackle such issues as first impressions, jealousy and communication while challenging the women with situations outside their comfort zones. Once they have completed the lesson, the women will be sent out on dates with men hand-picked by Steven from his pool of hot, eligible bachelors.

Basically it sounds exactly like Mystery’s show but more “relationship” and “dating” then “pickup” focused.

This all makes sense from a gender standpoint, obviously the problems single women have are often different than those of your typical single man.

I’ll probably watch the first episode and see how I like it. I may learn a lot… I may learn nothing. We’ll have to see!

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