VH1’s The Pickup Artist premiere ratings are disappointing

USA Today released last weeks cable ratings highs and lows and based on my impression, they were not too good for Mystery’s new show:

“The premiere of L.A. Ink scored 2.8 million viewers …Sunday’s Flavor Flav Roast drew 3.8 million viewers…MTV’s The Real World: Sydney had a slow start with 1.6 million Wednesday, and VH1’s Pickup Artist drew 673,000 Monday…Sci Fi Channel’s Flash Gordon remake did better with 2.1 million Friday. ”

Flash fucking Gordon had three times the viewers on a Friday, what the fuck is this world coming to?!?  Trust me all you Sci-Fi geeks; your time would be better spent watching and learning from The Pickup Artist.  You may even end up trading in your box of 20-sided dice for a box of condoms.

Everyone please tell your friends to watch next Monday, especially if they have a Nielson box!

Also, if you haven’t heard Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop just released the Venusian Arts Revelation so check it out…

It’s casual,

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