Neil Strauss shows up on Tom Green’s House Tonight live show

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Neil Strauss was on Tom Green’s House Tonight show last night to promote his new book Rules of the Game. Neil doesn’t show up until 25:20 into it. The video is below:

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This is nothing more than your typical boring Strauss interview with the same old stories that he has told on every interview for the past three years.

Neil tells how he infiltrated the seduction community and befriended Mystery. He then describes numerous techniques and concepts of Mystery’s. After all that he has the audacity to say that Mystery got the VH1 show “The Pick Up Artist” because of his book The Game.

What a dick! And you wonder why I don’t like Neil Strauss?

The Game would have not been the success that it was if it was not for Mystery and his Methods!

Tom’s show is actually on TV in six markets. Here in Milwaukee it is on at 12:30am Central Time on a CBS affiliate after the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. At least Strauss finally made it on a show that actually airs on TV and is not strictly a web show.

In comparison, the last time I saw Mystery being interviewed he was on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Check out Tom Green’s eBay auction listings to bid on Neil’s didgeridoo (or didjeridu).

You can buy Neil’s book “The Game” by clicking here and his new book “Rules of the Game” by clicking here. Or better yet you can buy Mystery’s “The Mystery Method” book by clicking here.

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