Review of Vin DiCarlo’s The Sexual Selection Switch program

Vin has just released The Attraction Code book, check it out!

Mehow broke onto the seduction scene in 2007 with two huge products. He also created business relationships with Hypnotica and Vin DiCarlo (who earlier used the name Woodhaven).vin dicarlo sexual selection switch pua woodhaven

Vin is regarded by many to be the Godfather of natural game. One of his premier products is his Sexual Selection Switch program (referred to as sCubed for short). Sure it is a cool name with a lot of words that start with the letter “S” but what is the program all about?

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Basically it is a two disc audio program with a companion ebook that sells for around $70. Its main focus is on creating the perception that sex with you is extremely valuable to the girl rather than trying to win a woman over for sex.

scubedIt is full of techniques with several examples for each along with tips for execution and troubleshooting. Roughly 85% of the techniques are pre-close while 15% address maintaining the frame you have set up post-close. It is geared toward the intermediate to the advanced and it assumes you can already open rather consistently. It also has some great attraction, escalation and day2 techniques and tactics.

In my opinion if you already have some experience in pick up and want to learn more about the growing phenomenon that is “natural game” then this is the product for you. The price seems quite reasonable for what you get on top of that.

To find more detail on the program check out the site.