Vince Kelvin PUA’s new band “Lord Kelvin” Music ROCKS yo!

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the cartoonish Vince Kelvin PUA. I was amused years back seeing him crash & burn trying to pickup a host on KTLA’s Morning Show.

I also know his “fashion” looks ridiculous. He gives me a headache when he talks. And his promotional websites are more tacky than a late 90’s No Limit rap album cover.

Other than that, he seems like a real righteous dude!

Vince Kelvin PUAThat being said, he’s making music and releasing a new album. His band is called “Lord Kelvin”. That’s an ironic name, since The Lord Kelvin is widely known for determining the correct value of absolute zero as approximately -273.15 Celsius… while Vince Kelvin’s music is HOTTER than the friggin’ SUN yo!

You can stream one minute samples of two of his songs for free here.

I’ll be honest, I LIKE IT! It’s got a David Bowie glam rock feel to it. Of course, I’m partial to shitty 80s synth & hairband music… so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Here’s my problem with his music. He wants $13.69 to download the 7-song album or $1.99 each to download the two “singles”. Come on… that’s fucking ridiculous Vince!

You can download any of the top 200 albums from iTunes for less than $11.99 or download any of the top 100 Billboard singles for $1.29 or less. Why do you think your unheard and unknown music is worth MORE?! Most underground artists practically GIVE their music away now-a-days.

But then again, there’s guys in this seduction industry charging $97 for an ebook… so maybe I should just shut my damn mouth huh ;-)

One last thing, here’s Vince’s credit for the songs.

I wrote, arranged, sang, performed and produced.

Vince sounds like the guy who sells Amway and has cheap business cards that say he’s the “Founder, Owner, President & CEO” of his own “company”. Just say that the songs are “by Vince Kelvin” for fuck sake.

And if that doesn’t make him sound douchy enough already, he ends his promotional email with this:

You may love my music or not, but above all,

Yes, 10 years from now when I’m the CEO of both Apple and Microsoft… and when I’m voted Time’s Man Of The Year… I’ll say “I owe all my success to the pickup artist Vince Kelvin and his pink hair extensions. His Secret Lover album inspired me to aspire for my highest dreams!”

Vince Kelvin is big shit in Vince Kelvin’s mind ;-)

Oops, there goes my invitation to the 2014 PUA World Summit.

It’s casual,

Lord Mack Tight
Founder, CEO, Producer, Lead Writer, President, CFO & Lead Performer of