Vote Mack Tight for The Pick Up Artist Virtual Casting Winner

A week ago I made a post about the “virtual casting” for The Pick Up Artist Season 2.

I finally followed suit of others in the community and created my own Pick Up Artist Season 2 Profile.

I normally refuse to talk about politics but I’m going to make an exception today.

Vote for me!

I can see now that most of the casting contestants want to take value.

“I’m a loser. Feel sorry for me as I make excuses. Vote for me so you can help me become better with women.”

I know I don’t want to vote for some guy just to later have to compete with him over women if he does win.

Vote for me and I will GIVE value to you!

I will do my part to make the second season the most entertaining reality show you will ever see!

I will bring: mischief … mayhem … soap.

Vote Mack Tight for “Virtual Casting” in 2008!!! Vote now and vote daily!

Don’t vote for Michael Stoute from The Seduction Bible, I heard he likes to kick puppies and steal bottles from babies!

If you have a profile of your own that you want to pimp leave a comment with a link to it below and I’ll vote for you.