What Age Girls Should You Date?

I recently got a question on my Facebook page that said “what age group of girls should a guy approach?

This is an easy question to answer. You ALWAYS make an effort to approach girls that you are most attracted to. The only exception is that they MUST obviously meet the age of consent for your state or country.

So that means if you’re 30 yrs old and dig girls in their 20s… approach girls who are in their 20s. If you are 20 and dig girls in their 30s… approach girls in their 30s. This isn’t rocket science.

older man kissing younger womanThere’s typically not an issue when your age is +/- 8 yrs of theirs. But the further you deviate from her age, the more likely a girl will not be attracted to you based on your age. So what can you do about this?

1.) Become more attractive to her in other areas (improved social skills, sense of humor, social status, etc)

2.) Approach more girls

A girl may be able to overlook your age difference if you have other traits that attract her. So work on those traits that you can improve.

But there’s always going to be girls who just don’t want to date a guy 20 years older than her. There’s nothing you can do to change her mind. So, you just have to move on to the next girl you fancy.

Dating is really a skill & psychology game… but it also becomes more of a numbers game when you differ drastically from the type of girls you are attracted to.

If you’re 60 and you want a 20 year old girl… you may have to approach a 100+ girls before you find one that’s even remotely receptive to dating a guy your age. Keep approaching, don’t handle the rejection personally and keep your head up and eventually good things will happen.

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight