What Are The Best Places To Meet Women?

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Here’s an article by Ross Jeffries about the best places to meet women

While reading this, keep in mind that Ross is like 60 years old and looks like a real-life Russ Troll doll… so his ideas of ideal places to meet women are going to be “strategically” different than mine…

Wait… Did that come off as being “snarky”?

Oh well, if it did… Ross should be proud!


Ross JeffriesWhat Are The Best Places To Meet Women?
by Ross Jeffries

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of my readers who receives our Steaming Hot Seduction Secrets newsletter is asking what, for many of you, is an important question.

He knows that I don’t recommend going to “meat markets” or “pick up joints” because they’re usually too noisy so you can’t work your Sargy magic, there’s too many people around, and besides, women will have their guards up because they know guys are there to hit on them.

I also don’t suggest meeting women online. On dating sites, again, her guard will be up, plus what have I said about introducing any form of “dating” frames with women before you sleep with them? Even on f@@king Facebook. Those chat rooms and “naughty boxes”, you don’t know if, in her mind, she’s chatting with YOU, or some idealized vision of what she thinks you might be.

So, where are you going to effortlessly approach and meet women this weekend?

One of the best ways to meet women is to encounter them during the normal activities you engage in, connecting with women while they go through their normal activities. For example…

* You think there might be some wet, willing women at the car wash?
* What about the succulent hottie standing next to you in line at the checkout?
* Maybe she’s your “friend” now, but did you know you can use the friend zone to get her in bed?
* Going out of town and flying solo? Or, you’re staying close to home, but your wingman isn’t around to back you up this weekend? Don’t worry, you’re covered either way.

And, yes, I’ll address the elephant in the room. You know the old cliche about what you’ll find at the produce section in the supermarket? Well, it’s not a cliche. My students in southern California (where I’m from) know that you’ll usually find some fresh fare at Ralphs.

That should give you some ideas.

And I better not hear about how you got some chick’s number this weekend so you could call her up and ask her out on a date, unless she gave it to you AFTER catching her breath from the whirlwind flight on the Cape Carnal-Veral Shuttle.

Get out there and make it happen.

Peace and piece,

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