What did you think of The Pickup Artist finale?

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Last night was the finale of The Pickup Artist on VH1 and I was a bit underwhelmed.

I know others have brought up their issues with the VIP area being available to the contestants to pull sets to…

Now that’s one thing, but pulling a women to your bedroom in a house where a party of that magnitude is being thrown is about as hard as dragging a dog into an Alpo factory…

When would such optimal conditions exist in real life?!?

I remember when I lived in the dorms in college I dreamed about living in a party house.

When I lived in the party house, I had dreams about NOT living in a party house…

Sure we had our groupies, but overall it was a headache.

I was busy fetching kegs, babysitting drunks, trying to keep the money in check, trying to fend off the cops all while trying to keep everyone entertained.

Me and the roommates were the bouncers, DJs, bartenders and bar backs and it was WORK.

I didn’t have time to pickup, our friends were the ones who really cleaned up at our parties.

That’s why I recommend being FRIENDS with the people who throw the parties INSTEAD of being the people throwing the parties…

You reap the rewards without the bullshit.

I digress… Back to the show…

The reward challenge ended up just determining which got to use the master bedroom to pull their targets to.

What a WEAK reward!

Supposedly the master bedroom signified higher value but I personally do not think it made any real difference in such a situation.

I mean, they even had the same new furniture and chilled bottle of champagne in their room.

As for the party, it was totally stacked in their favor…

It didn’t appear like they had any hosting responsibilities and the guy/girl ratio was to die for.

You are not going to have such optimal conditions yourself but for the sake of the show it made sense to set these two up for success rather than failure.

I just hope those who watch the show realize this and are not discouraged when they go out and learn that it isn’t as easy as it appears on this show.

As far as Matt and Simeon, I thought both did pretty good with their banter.

Simeon had some good playful comebacks as did Matt…

I particularly liked it when the pretentious target kept asking about the BRAND of the champagne and Matt said it was “Andre”…

I do the same thing with wine, I always tell the girl it is Boone’s Farm.

On the other hand, I hated him telling the Korean story because the set was Asian. It gives me the impression that he isn’t accustomed to talking to Asian women.

The big difference between the two was that it appeared Matt was a bit more stiff, stuffy, conservative and slower to escalate.

So Simeon won and I’m overall fine with that…

He seems less obnoxious and more likable than Kosmo.

In general, the only contestants this season that I really disliked were Kevin and Rian.

Overall, I liked this season…

But they should switch things up a bit if there is to be a season 3.

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