What happened to V from BecomingAPUA?

One of the most influential seduction blogs for me in the past year has been BecomingAPUA.com. The blogger of the site is V and he is in his early 20’s. I recommend spending a few hours reading his blog to see the amazing progress that he made in the past year.

He claims on the site to have slept with 63 women in the six months after he lost his virginity. Such a claim may raise doubt but by reading his blog almost daily their was no doubt in my mind. The guy had a strong frame, balls of steel and unconventional ideas that broke the mold.

After updating almost daily for many months, he hasn’t made a new post in almost two months. This leads me to ask, what happened to him?

I know blogs come and go but this one surprises me. If anyone knows anything from emailing him or from reading threads in his forum please let me know.