What has Pickup101 done lately other than change it’s name to Art of Attraction?

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I don’t have time to keep tabs on every dating company, product and guru so maybe I’m a bit out of touch with Lance Mason and Pickup101

…but what have they done lately that has been “new” other than change their name to “Art of Attraction”?!?

Now I completely understand from a business standpoint the name change. These companies want to become more mainstream so words like “pick up” and “seduction” are being left behind for the likes of “attraction” and “dating”. That doesn’t really bother me…

What annoys me is that the only products I see them releasing as of lately are “special anniversary re-releases” of products several years old!

Back in November they heavily promoted a one year anniversary re-release of their Spycam Seductions program. In it they hyped Sean Messenger’s involvement in the program even though Sean had left Pickup101 by the time of this “re-release”.

Hyping up the re-release of a product one year old seems odd, but today they are hyping the 3 Year Anniversary re-release of their Physical Confidence DVD program!

Now I have no problem with having catalog products and actively plugging them. That’s business…

…and I understand some books and programs are “timeless”… Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is a prime example…

But to make a big deal out of relaunching old programs every year without releasing anything new seems odd!

The seduction community is constantly evolving… I can see the changes in the less than two years that I’ve been blogging…

Why not hype the release of new products and promote these older products in the background?!

At the very least hype a new “lower price”, they are asking damn near $800 for this 3 year old 8 DVD program!!!

WAIT… make that almost $900 if you pay in 6 installments!

These prices seem incredibly high especially during this current recession.

…BUT this re-release is a “Bonus Bash”… and Bonus #1 is that you get to try the program for 30 days before you get charged for it…

Newsflash: This has become mainstream in the community for EVERY recent product released!

As far as the instructors for Pickup101, the only currently active person I see around online is Eric “Disco”…

Where’s everyone else?!

Now maybe I’m just not educated enough or clueless… if the company has big things brewing now’s a great time to educate me!

I WANT to hear about NEW things that are happening and evolving with your company… I just don’t want super-hyped “re-issues” of old products shoved down my throat!

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