What I Learned Socially In 2013: Don’t Preach To Others About Eating Healthy

I’ve always known that you shouldn’t talk about religion and politics to others. In 2013, I added “eating healthy” to that list.

Back in March, I visited my friend and his family in San Diego. They offered me a Trader’s Joe Organic Fruit Bar to eat. I declined and said “No thanks, I don’t like to eat processed foods.”

Seriously, what a DOUCHEY thing to say!

I think it stems from the fact that I used to eat shitty foods (and still occasionally do) and my friends have always ate healthy. In the past years, I’ve become more informed on the perils of processed foods and the corruption of the food industry. In return, I want to “prove” to them that I’ve changed… to the point I want to “one-up” or argue with them. This is a lame antisocial behavior.

I see this so often in the seduction community. Pickup instructors preach about “juicing” or only eating organic unprocessed GMO-free foods. If that’s how you want to live your life, that’s fine. Just don’t go on about it to guys who are at your speech to learn how to bang chicks. It’s uncalibrated. These guys solicited for advice on DATING, not EATING. Never give unsolicited advice to others. And as a whole, all this “eating healthy” jibber jabber comes off as nerdy, anal, paranoid and pretentious to 75% of the general population.

In the past, I’ve acted this way about other subjects too. When I was first learning pickup, I always tried to “one-up” and argue with the instructors teaching me. They were just trying to help me, yet I was a complete unappreciative asshole.

Years later, I now see this from guys who contact me about dating advice. They try to come at me hard, accusing me of being a “fraud” and demanding I jump through hoops to prove myself to them. Here’s the deal… I don’t care. I don’t know you. You haven’t given me ANYTHING except an email full of grief. I don’t owe you anything and I’m not going to argue with you. If you don’t think you can learn anything from me, fine, move on to someone you CAN learn from. I most definitely am going to focus my time on those who are the most open to my help. I’m not going to waste my time bickering with an angry and closed-minded individual unless he’s paying me money.

So in summary, keep your view on eating healthy to yourself.

And also, in general:

1.) Don’t give unsolicited advice

2.) Don’t be a dick to those who can help you

It’s casual,

Mack Tight