What is a “Life Coach”?

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Lately I’ve seen a lot of people within and riding the skirts of the seduction community referring to themselves as a “Life Coach”.

This brought up a big question to me:

What the fuck is a “life coach”?!?

It sounds professional but is it really worthy of the recognition or just a bunch of bullshit.

Now I know Wikipedia is not the most reliable source of information, but you can guarantee any entity with financial ties to “Life Coaching” will be monitoring the entry to guarantee it is either factual or preferably favorable.

Here are some of the more interesting mentions:

…Government bodies have not found it necessary to provide a regulatory standard for life coaching nor does any state body govern the education or training standard for the life coaching industry, the title of “coach” can be used by any service provider. Multiple coaching schools and training programs are available, allowing for many options (and sometimes causing confusion) when an individual decides to gain “certification” or a “credential” as they apply to the coaching industry. Multiple certificates and credential designations are available within the industry…

…Some assert that life coaching is akin to psychotherapy without restrictions, oversight, or regulation…

…The top three issues clients seek help on are time management, career, and business…

After reading this the title “Life Coach” means very little to me. You had some form of training but there appears to be no regulatory agency to ensure that training meets any particular criteria. It seems like I could even refer to myself as a “Life Coach” without any need for certification whatsoever.

They also seem to be primarily focused on helping you with your financial and business issues and not on betterment with interpersonal relationships. Because of this, I don’t see any reverence of the title to anything seduction related.

So my conclusion is that “Life Coach” is a title created by companies seeking to make money by giving certification classes to those who are not “Psychologists” in order to give them a title that appears to portray authority and professionalism.

If you are thinking about getting a Life Coach, I first recommend you reading “Do I Really Need A Life Coach?

The book will tell you all about what Life Coaches can offer and what alternatives are available.

Now the inevitable million dollar idea to take from this and apply to the seduction community is for a well known guru to create classes toward achieving their own “guru” or “mPUA” certification…

…and I have to give Mehow credit for being the first to do this in a grand scale with his “Mehow Certified Instructor Program”.

I really have to tip my hat to Mehow; he is an opportunist, a marketer, a savvy businessman and an overall PUA machine…

Get The Girl! ManualInfield Exposed …Infield Insider …MCI …Get the Girl! Unleashed…

…he has rode the front of the wave lately in a sea of gurus.

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