What is Natural Game? - a definition

vin dicarlo sexual selection switch pua woodhavenTo understand “natural game” you first need to understand what a “natural” is.

Natural -

Someone who became successful with women without the assistance of the seduction community, studying books or the help of friends.

The guy who got laid all the time back in high school was probably a “natural”. These guys were able to learn through trial and error how to become good with women on their own.

Now that we know what a “natural” is, lets define “natural game”:

Natural Game

A type of pickup that involves acting how a “natural” would act. Usually, it starts with changing your “inner game” which means to change your attitude and perception of women and social interactions. Then it focuses on how to attract women by saying things that are spontaneous, honest and many times very direct.

The History and Rise of Natural Game

Natural game has been around for some time. Pickup artists have always been studying and trying to achieve the level of success of a “natural”.

It started gaining momentum in 2005 with popular posts by the likes of Vin DiCarlo (AKA “Woodhaven”). Vin refers to himself as the “Godfather of Natural Game” but I’m sure that is debatable amongst the early natural game advocates.

Oddly, I saw natural game get its biggest boost just after routine game had its biggest days in the spotlight.

With the popularity of VH1 and Mystery’s “The Pickup Artist” came greater exposure of many of the more popular routines and techniques. This meant more guys using them on a set number of women which meant a greater saturation.

Women are not stupid. A girl who has been approached ten times with a time constraint followed by an off-the-cuff opinion opener will be able to start picking up on the trend. Soon they were being called out for being a pickup artist like on the VH1 show. Hey, it happened to one of my wings.

In actuality, you can learn how to deal with being caught as a pickup artist by listenign to the advice of experienced pickup gurus. But for newbies who were just overcoming approach anxiety, being called a pickup artist was detrimental. They feared being embarrassed.

The natural game gurus picked up on this “fear”. They made negative posts and videos deeming routine game as “robotic” and “creepy”.

The aftermath is a flood of natural game products and services in 2008 and only a couple routine based products.

I’ve seen natural game greatly develop recently. There has been greater emphasis on networking and developing a social circle. There have been products specializing in certain demographics such as “Conquer Your Campus“. Many routine game gurus have seemed to gradually shift over to natural game.

The 2nd half of 2008 will be an interesting time for natural game. Will it just be a pickup “fad” that will run its course and take a step back? Will the “The Pickup Artist” Season 2 help it even more like the first season did? Or will the natural vs. routine battle be made moot in 2009 like the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD debate was made in 2008?

Time will tell…