What is up with Savoy and “dating science”?!?

How come when Savoy talks he has to use the term “dating science” every chance he can get?

He’s like one of those talking Pee Wee Herman dolls from the 80’s where you pull the string in the back and he says “I know you are but what am I” over and over and over again every time you pull it…

I heard him use the term five fucking times in a single interview recently…

And what exactly is “dating science”?

It sounds like something Urkel would concoct with chemicals, beakers and test tubes in order to seduce his next door neighbor Laura on Family Matters.

I know that aspects of attraction come from studying animals which some may associate with biology. Biology is obviously a science.

But in my opinion “psychology” is the key to being successful with dating. You need to understand and control your own mental state along with general male and female thinking. Analyzing social and behavioral patterns are essential.

Now there are debates whether psychology itself is considered a science but most say it is not.

Science is cut and paste. Science can be verified and proven.

Psychology is more abstract. Successful psychological traits can’t be concretely verified. Some believe a certain trait is good while others believe the same trait is bad.

If dating was really a science, wouldn’t you think smart guys would be highly successful at it?!?

For that reason if Savoy wants to say Love Systems is the leading source for information related to “dating science”; I’m going to say that eSeduce is the leading source for information related to “dating psychology”.

Not only does “dating psychology” make more sense to me, it also sounds cooler…

Here’s a video of Savoy giving one of those tiresome guru testimonials that are plaguing YouTube. He also manages to drop a “dating science” in with some self-promotion too…