What Kanye West can teach you about getting girls by Mark Redman

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Since Kanye West is released his new album this week called “808s & Heartbreak” I thought I’d make a motivational post by Mark Redman, author of The Truth About College Game and Conquer Your Campus, about a song off Kanye’s last album “Graduation“…


In the spirit of learning from hip hop singers, I want
you to check out this AWESOME video.

Let’s discuss:

Watch his enthusiasm.

This song is a celebration of life - and gives you an insight into why this guy has literally taken over all of pop culture.

In a word, kanye is fresh.

He’s confident.
He’s got attitude.
He gets shit done.
He reaps the rewards.

Do you think these are attractive traits?


Do you think these are things you should be taking note of incorporating into your life?


More important than all of those though…


You see, it’s all about absolutely OWNING whatever it is that you are. OWNING your wants. OWNING your desires. OWNING your style. OWNING your life.

Too many guys pussy foot around and act ashamed of what they’ve got going on.

Guys with genuinely cool shit to share. Guys who are seriously cool.

Yet they roll their shoulders forward, put their heads down and hide themselves from the world.

Who determines how cool you are?


Kanye decided long ago that he was the coolest mutherfucker on the planet.

And he owns this.

He doesn’t ask anyone else.

He just KNOWS it and projects it out to the world.

Notice that he isn’t an asshole about it.

He just celebrates it.

He gives off massive love.

He invites you into his life “welcome to the good life…”

And its infectious, everyone wants a piece of it.

And if you want to get layed at school, this is what its all about.

Not pretending to be a PUA…

But actually, genuinely, OWNING yourself.

Repping who YOU are to the fullest.

Going for what you want every day.

And not letting other people dictate to you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

Walking with that extra bounce in your step.

That smirk on your face.

That slightly over-confident tone that the girls can pick up in your voice.

That’s what its all about.

When you truly OWN who you are - good shit just keeps happening.

You truly do live the good life.

And the haters?

Well..as kanye says…they can “watch the money pile up”.

So listen….

Go out there this year and make shit happen.

Turn ordinary nights where “nothing is going on” into nights to remember.

Decide what you want and get it.

Decide that you are the baddest ass mutherfucker - internalize it 100% and go from there.

Celebrate your life.

Because if you don’t - no one else will.

But when you do…everyone else joins in.

And I promise you…

You’ll live the good life.

Keep on Rockin’,

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