What NOT To Say To A Girl - 3 Ways To DESTROY Your Chances With Her!

Guys want to know what to say to women. They want pickup lines that work. They want magic words that will make her panties drop.

That’s fine and dandy. But it’s also important to know what NOT to say to a girl.

Often guys will blow things with a woman by shooting themselves in the foot. They’ll say something stupid and blow their chances.

So what are some of the things to avoid saying?

shut up1.) BRAGGING

Don’t talk about your money. Don’t talk about your fancy car. You are not Robin Thicke, so don’t tell her about your big dick. These are all turn offs. SHOW her your positive strengths by how you handle yourself. Speak in a confident manner. Come off witty, not douchey.


Don’t try to qualify yourself to a girl. Don’t kiss her ass. Girls see this as being desperate and needy. Make her qualify herself to you. Be the prize.


Never make excuses. Never get defensive with a woman. If a girl calls you out, smile and take it in stride. Be confident in yourself.

There you go. Now that you know what not to say to a girl, watch this video to find find out what to say to a girl instead.

It reveals the 50 word and phrases will make her hot & horny for you. But be warned, it’s a bit explicit and not safe for work.

Now go out there and talk to some women!

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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