What rating women is really about

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There seems to be an incredible backlash against rating women as of lately from people in the community. I don’t think people understand why I really ask them to rate women they are talking about.

I’m not trying to be a judgmental male pig. Believe me in that women rate guys just as often if not more than we rate them.

I’m not trying to know in order to go hit on her and fuck the girl. Usually this is geographically unlikely.

I’m not going to go tell the girl or anyone she knows how you rated her. That’s a guy code I won’t break.

I was interacting with someone recently and they were talking about a girl quite a bit. I couldn’t fully read his stance on her. I asked him to rate her and all I got was persistent resistance.

Me: “What would you rate her?”

Him: “I don’t rate women.”

Me: “Just give her a number.”

Him: “Numbers are subjective to my opinion so I won’t.”

Me: “I want YOUR opinion, rate the girl please.”

Him: “I won’t.”

Me: “Fine, is she hot.”

Him: “Whether a girl is hot or not is also subjective.”


Him: “Ummmm….”


Him: “I guess if the opportunity arised I would have sex with her.”

BING, BING, BING! I finally got my answer.

Basically I knew I would probably never meet or see the girl so the fact that she was hot or not meant nothing to me in that sense. What I was trying to do was figure out if he had feelings for the girl that could cloud his judgment.

Women have shit tests to quickly tell if a guy is worthy, I have a rating system to quickly tell if a guy is emotionally invested in a girl he is talking about.

If I am going to have to listen to you talk about a girl and give you constructive feedback I want to know ahead of time in what context and perception I should be listening with. I can eventually figure it out on my own but by then I will have missed some of your discussion.

If you want to cut the shit just tell me if you have a thing for the girl or not. The problem with that is that is more susceptible to guys trying to kid themselves by lying. It triggers a defensive response from guys just as a direct request for a girl to come back to your place after bar time triggers an anti-slut mechanism.

Help me help you.

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