What To Talk To Girls About To Turn Them On

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Christian HudsonYou might be able to “trick” a girl into sleeping with you at the bar, but let’s face it: if you want a girlfriend, there’s going to be a point where you have to open up to her and be real.

In fact, it starts on the first date. If you want to make a girl obsess over you, you’ve got to get get her to “invest” in you.

You want her to think to herself: “I want to be a part of this guy’s future.

So the *worst* thing you can talk about is how boring your job or your life are.

When I was in my early twenties, I was running a software startup and making decent money, but I didn’t enjoy my work. So when I’d go out on dates, I’d express my frustration and talk about how bored I was.

Even though I had a sexy black sports car and was pretty well built, I couldn’t get past first dates. I was hoping that my body and my money would “do the work” for me, but when it comes to getting a girlfriend to actually fall for you, that stuff just doesn’t matter.

Then I went through a brief “pickup artist” phase where I went out a lot, and picked up lots of girls. I got the idea that my dates would like me if they knew that other women liked me, so I would subtly brag about how other women wanted me.

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that I didn’t get very good results doing that.

As I learned, women don’t like “ladies men,” they like “men who like ladies.”

A “ladies man” tries to prove to women that he’s good with women.

A “man who likes ladies” just loves spending time with women, and focuses on making them feel special and unique when he’s around them.

So trying to prove to a girl that you’re a “ladies man” shows her that you are just insecure and, well… trying to prove something.

Huge turn off.

It wasn’t until I discovered the female “obsession story” that I figured out what really gets women excited about a guy:

*** his vision ***

For a woman to say “I want to be a part of this guy’s future” she has to buy into his vision for the future.

Imagine Steve Jobs on a date. Sharing his vision for the future of technology. Even if he was broke (and he damn near was at several points in his life) it’d still be captivating to a woman.

The sort of thing she’d want to be a part of. The sort of thing she’d want to help him turn into reality.

So what’s your vision? And importantly – WHY do you do it?

It doesn’t matter if you’re not doing it now. What matters is that you’ve got a vision… and a mission… and that *those* are driving you.

Not your need to just have a girlfriend to save you from boredom.

One of my favorite quotes about manhood is that “women want to be part of the adventure, they don’t want to BE the adventure”.

So when you’re out on a date with a girl, talking about the future… remember, it’s YOUR future to get excited about. It’s *your* mission that you’re living. Speak with passion and enthusiasm about your future, and she won’t be able to resist envisioning herself in it.

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