What To Talk To Girls About

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Here’s a quick article by the popular pick-up artist Jon Sinn about what to talk to girls about


For years and years and year I’ve been telling guys who don’t know what to talk to girls about to sit down and make a couple of lists.

The first is a list of 10 things you like talking about. This is pretty simple and should be a list of things that you actually enjoy talking to people about. They don’t have to be the most interesting subjects in the world!

The second is a list of 10 things girls are interested in that you could talk more about with girls.

In my opinion these two list form the core of what you should be talking about.

I decided I would sit down and actually do these exercises so that I could post them here to show you how easy it is and how much you can learn from making these lists.

Here’s my list of things I LIKE talking to girls about:

10 Things I like Talking To Girls About:

1. Reality TV
2. Relationships
3. My thoughts and philosophy on life
4. Business
5. My goals and ambitions
6. Sports
7. Psychology
8. Money
9. Shit talking people
10. Family stories

And those are just things I like talking to girls about that I would talk to almost anyone about regardless of whether they were a hot girl or not.

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10 Things Girls Like I could Talk More About:

1. Yoga
2. Fashion
3. Music: Festivals, use to qualify
4. Food
5. Luxury Items
6. Small Dogs
7. Glee
8. Modeling
9. Celeb Gossip
10. Dancing

This list was interesting as well, because I know a lot about the things girls like but just need to remember to bring them up in conversation.

I encourage everyone to make these two lists, especially if you don’t know what to talk to girls about or run a lot of routines and want to be yourself more.



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